Bank Reconciliation

AccountAbility allows you to easily reconcile multiple bank accounts by viewing transactions, marking items as presented to the bank, and printing transaction & reconciliation reports.

To use the bank reconciliation function:

1.  Select the "Accounting" menu, then "General Ledger" and "Bank Reconciliation" to access the Bank Reconciliation screen.

2.  By default, all unpresented transaction will display.  Unpresented transactions are transactions such as payments or receipts, which have not yet been marked as having appeared on the bank statement.  To display Presented transactions only, or Presented and Un-Presented transactions, change your selection using the drop down menu.

3.  Also by the default, the screen shows the transactions for the first bank account in the list.  To view transactions for another bank account, select the bank account from the drop down menu.

4.  Transactions can be filtered further by Transaction Type and Payment Types using the to select the desired types.

5.  Select the date ranges using the calendar drop down menus:

6.  Select the bank statement date using the calendar drop down menu.

7.  Enter the ending bank statement balance from your bank statement.

8.  Mark items that have been presented by clicking the box to the left of the transaction and clicking to open the Present Date window.  As AccountAbility records the actual date items were presented to the bank, you may want to update presented items periodically throughout the month  Alternatively, you could select all items presented throughout the bank statement and use the ending bank statement date as the presented date.

9.  Using the drop down calendar, select the date the item(s) were presented and click

10.  After all presented items have been marked as presented, a Bank Reconciliation Report can be generated to verify that your actual bank balance matches the calculated expected bank balance.