Search Files

AccountAbility allows you to upload files to productions jobs for easy access and reference at a later date.  The Search Files feature will allow you to easily search for and find a file using the following criteria:

File Name Description


File Type (pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, or jpg)

Date Range

User Added By






To search for a file:

1.  Select the "Production" menu, then "Search Files" to access the Search Files screen.

2.  Enter the as much or little if the search criteria to help you find the desired file.  You can search on any word or part of the word used in the File Description field.  I.E. search for "sample" will display all files with the word sample appearing in the description.

3.  Once the desired file appears in the list, open the File Form by clicking on the file name link listed under File Name.  The File Form window will open and show all of the file information.

4.  To open the file, click the file name to download the file to your computer.


Once a searched file has been located, you can also edit the file description or choose to replace or update the file by clicking .  Wheny ou are finished making revisions, make sure you click or to save any changes made.