Expense Claims

The Expense Claims function is used by employees to add individual expenses for reimbursement.

To Create a New Expense Claim:

1.  From the "Time & Resources" menu, select "Expense Claims"

2.  Click

3.  Use to search for the employee name to be used for the expense claim.

4.  Enter the date of the expense claim (default will be current date)

5.  Enter any notes regarding the expenses, i.e. "Travel Expenses for January"

6.  Enter the expense claim line by line, by entering Date, Job No. Task Type, Description, Amount, and Taxable Status.  If a Job No is entered, the Client for that Job will automatically populate in the Client Code field when the Expense Claim is saved.  If the Expense Claim is not for a specific Job No., but is related to a specific client, you can manually enter only the Client Code in the Client Code field.

7.  Click to submit your Expense Claim for approval.  Or click or to save your claim so you can return to it later before submitting for approval.

To Approve or Reject An Expense Claim:

1.  From the "Time & Resources" menu, select "Expense Claims"

2. The application will default to show claims matching the status selected in the "Show Paid Expense Claims?" drop down menu.  Select "Unpaid Claims only" from the drop down menu.  Any Expense Claims with the status as "Submitted" are awaiting approval.  You can further narrow your selection by using the Office or Status drop downs.

3.  Review each Expense Claim awaiting approval by clicking the Expense Claim No.  To approve an Expense Claim, click .  To reject an Expense Claim, click . If you reject an Expense Claim, a window will popup to allow you to enter a reason for rejecting the claim that will be sent to the person submitting the claim.