By Using the Leave function, you request leave from your supervisor for approval, track leave, and schedule leave on your calendar.

To Enter a Leave Request:

1.  From the "Time & Resources" menu, select "Leave"

2.  Click and the leave request screen will open.

3.  Enter Employee Name or use for an employee list, leave type from drop down, start and end dates for your leave, and enter the number of days of leave you are requesting.  Partial days of leave can be requested.  Press enter and AccountAbility will calculate the number of hours of leave you are requesting.

4.  You may enter a description or additional information regarding the leave request i the "Note" field.

5.  Click when you are ready to process submit your leave request for approval.

To Approve a Leave Request:

1.  From the "Time & Resources" menu, select "Leave"

2.  Screen will default to show all unapproved leave.

3.  To approve each leave request, click on the box in the left hand column and click on

To Inquire on Leave Requests:

1. 1.  From the "Time & Resources" menu, select "Leave"

2.  Use the Office, Employee, Leave Type, From & To Dates, And "Show Approved?" drop box to find the leave request you require.

3.  Click on the employee name of each leave request will display any notes that may have been left regarding the leave request.


To unapprove a leave request, first find the leave request, then follow the same steps to approve leave, but click