October 2018

Important notice - re-designed data entry pages

We have re-designed many of the major transaction data entry pages to simplify them – where possible we have reduced the number of pages/steps for processing transactions.

For example, the previous data entry pages for Supplier invoices required you to enter Billable and Non Billable transactions on separate sub-pages – the new pages allow you to

simply assign each line on the main page as ether Billable or Non Billable. Following are the pages that have been re-designed:

We think you will find these new pages simpler and easier to use – but if you have any questions or concerns please contact support@accountabilityaccess.com

Allocate Journals & Receipts directly to WIP control accounts

You can now assign Receipts and Journals directly to the WIP and Advance Billing GL accounts – and those transactions will be reflected in all of the system Job based reports.

If you do assign a Receipt or Journal to these control accounts, you will also have to assign a job and task type to the transaction line (otherwise you will be blocked from approving the transaction)

On Job Reports (all reports until the ‘JOBS’ menu) – if you have a separate WIP & Advance Billing GL control account structure (which we highly recommend as best practice) then:

Supplier History & Client History views

These views have been enhanced to display the current Payables/Receivables balance for each transaction, the balance is shown for both the transaction currency value and the office/accounting

currency value

US Customers only – direct /automatic data feed from banks and credit card companies

US customers can now configure AccountAbility to accept daily transaction data feeds from banks and credit card companies – this facilitates:

Contact AccountAbility support for information on configuring these data feeds

Files & Hyperlinks enhancement

The ‘Files’ function has been enhanced to allow allocation of hyperlinks as well as physical files – for example if you wanted to attach a hyperlink to a website URL to a Job, inside the Job just click the

‘FILES’ icon at the top right of the page and enter/paste the hyperlink.

New Reports & Dashboards

Separate Access Rights Control for Supplier Bank Account details

Optional alternative text setting for ‘Service Fee’

You can define an alternative description(e.g. Agency Fee) to appear on estimates and invoices. Go to SET UP FILES /SET UP OPTIONS – click the ‘Options’ link and select ‘REPORT TEXT & WATERMARKS’

New AccountAbility Support Ticket function

This allows you to quickly create a support ticket/case – and has the benefit of allowing you to track the history of all support requests you have made. Just click the in the main menu bar and select

‘SUPPORT TICKETS’. When you enter and send the details of the support request it will be immediately logged with our support team for actioning. We will then send a reply message – so that you can see

all of the updates/messages on your support case. When we respond to your request you will also receive an email alert with t a link to the response.

Please use this function for all future support requests rather than directly emailing AccountAbility support

New Timesheet control options

Two new control options (you can set/assign these under SET UP FILES /SET UP OPTIONS – click the ‘Options’ link and select ‘TIMESHEET OPTIONS’

To switch this control option on – go to SET UP FILES / SET UP OPTIONS – click the ‘Options’ hyperlink at the top of the page – under the ‘ACCOUNTING OPTIONS’ section tick/check the option for ‘Force

accounting month and transaction date to match’

New Resource Utilization View

This new view (TIME & RESOURCES / RESOURCES / RESOURCE UTILIZATION displays the % utilization of each employee on either a daily basis – so you can see for up to 30 days (based on the date

filters you set) the percentage that each employee is utilized – you can then drill into each employee to see that utilization by client and job to identify where their time has been allocated. The calculations

of course take into account public holidays and leave (paid time off)

Add Custom Codes to task Types

You can now assign up to 5 ‘Custom Codes’ to task types

Let’s say you have an estimate that you want to accrue revenue for staggered over a range of 4 months – now when you click ‘ADD ESTIMATES’ in the Accrued revenue wizard, you can select those 4 months and

the percentages you want to accrue in each month (the page allows you to accrue up to 6 different dates / percentages at one time) . You can also (optionally) enter the Reversal date for each accrual so

the system will automatically generate the reversal at the same time.

Transaction Currency Values on Journal Report

Journals for non-base currency transactions now display the amount/value of the transaction as well as the accounting values (e.g. if you process a Canadian Dollar supplier invoice and your base accounting

currency is USD, the journal will display both the CAD and USD values on the journal – as well as the FX rate

Create a template from an existing Estimate

Open the detail estimate page and click‘SAVE AS TEMPLATE’

New Filter function for Revenue Tracker and Revenue Tracker Versions

The filters for the revenue trackers have now been located on the main data pages – rather than having to open a separateFilter sub-page via a link

Files & Hyperlinks on estimate lines

You can now attach files or hyperlinks to individual Estimate lines, in addition to the Estimate header. Just open the detail estimate page and click the ‘File’ icon on the estimate line you want to attach

files or hyperlinks to.

Multiple contacts on Prospects

You can now create multiple contacts for a prospect, then define the ‘Primary’ contact (previously you could assign only a single contact)