Set Up the Trello Messages/Card integration

Following are the steps required by users wishing to use the feature to automatically create Trello 'Cards' by generating a Job Message in AccountAbility:

1) Open a browser window - log into AccountAbility - click the 'Person' incon in the main menu - select 'My Settings' and click 'API Credentials'. We'll refer to this as the 'AccountAbility' window.

2) Open a separate browser windown, log into your Trello account and go to - we'll refer to this as the 'Trello' window.

3) in the Trello wndow you will see a long 'Key' in a grey box - copy that 'key' to your clipboard - open your AccountAbility window and paste the Key into the column 'API Key' on the Trello line. Then click 'Save'

4) Go back to your Trello window. Click on the 'Token' hyperlink near the top of the page, this will load a new page - on that page click the green 'ALLOW" button - this will load a new page with a 'token' - copy

the 'token' to your clipboard - open your AccountAbility window and paste the 'Token'   into the column 'API Token' on the Trello line. Then click 'Save'

So now you are ready to use the AccountAbilty Trello integration. Log out of AccountAbility, then log back in and let's try the integration..

Creating the Trello Card from an AccountAbility Message.

Go to jobs, either create a new job or open the detail page for the job that you want to link to Trello. Click the 'Messages' hyperlink at the top right of the page. Create a new message-

then click select the Trello 'Board' and 'List' that you want to add the new Card to. When you click 'Send' the new Card will be created in Trello with the Job Description and Message content.

Set Up the Timesheet 'Power Up' in Trello

This is a one-time setup that needs to be carried out by your Trello administrator

1) Open the link

2) Click the Team you wish to activate the timesheet Power Up for. All of the Trello users that you want to be able to use the Timesheet Power Up should be members of the team.

3) Add the Power Up with the following information:

Power Up Name: AccountAbility Timehseets

Author name: AccountAbility Access


Overview: Update your AccountAbility Timehseet from your Trello Card

Description: Allows AccountAbility users to enter timesheet data directly into a Trello card that is linked to an AccountAbility Job

Categories: Developer Tools and IT & Project Management

Capabilities: Switch to 'on' the following:

a) authorization-status

b) callback

c) card-buttons

d) card-detail-badges

e) show-authorization

f) show settings

Power Up icon URL:

iframe connector URL:

support email:

4) Enable the Power Up

go to your Trello Board - select the 'Settings' menu. Click 'Power-Ups' - then 'Custom' - you should see the AccountAbility Power Up - click 'Enable', then click 'Authorize Account'. Now enter your AccountAbility login email address and password and save.