August 2017

Please note - re-designed Estimate data entry function

We have re-designed the way the Estimate creation pages work. See the new function outlined in the video below. All customers will be switched

to this new version on Saturday September 2 nd.

New ‘Pending’ function for Corporate Credit cards

For customers that utilize the corporate credit card functionality – a method for card holder to code and manage their corporate card charges

before the charge is received in AccountAbility from the credit card company. Watch the video

Upload Multiple Files at the same time

You can now upload multiple files at one time – previously you needed to select one file at a time to upload, now for example if you have 5 files

that you want to attach to a Job, just select all 5 files and they will be uploaded simultaneousl

12 Month Leave Calendar Report/Excel

This new report/excel export provides a 52 week version of the leave calendar – so now you can see a full year of leave in a calendar view on one page.

Go to TIME & RESOURCES -> MANAGE LEAVE, click the link ‘Leave Calendar Report’ – select a date range up to 12 months, and the new ‘WEEKLY’

layout option

Re-designed Revenue Tracker detail pages

Changes include:

New Multi Job Filter on report selection pages

On all report selection pages which previously had the option to run the report for a single job – you can now select an unlimited number of multiple

random job numbers to be included in the report data:

New Multi Client Filter on data search pages

On all search pages you can now set a filter to include multiple selected Clients, rather than just a single client. This applies to all search pages with a

client filter. For example on Search Jobs:

Click the magnifying glass to the right of the Client filter box

Uncheck the ‘SELECT ALL CLIENTS’ box

Now you can select according to various filters such as Client Type, Client Manager or Office – or, if you want just specific selected clients..

Uncheck the ‘SELECT ALL CLIENTS ACCORDING TO FILTER’ – now you can check the individual clients you wish to include:

New Import from Excel functions

You can now import data for the following types of transactions

Both Accrued Revenue and Deferred Revenue transactions can now be imported from Excel – click the ‘Import’ link on either Search Accrued Revenue or

Search Accrued Revenue – you can download the import template from the pop-up

Copy Jobs (and Estimates)

This function allows you to create new jobs by copying from an existing job:

Disclaimers on Client Statements

You can now add Disclaimers to appear at the bottom of client statements. Got to SET UP FILES / REPORT SET UP / REPORT DISCLAIMERS and add new

a new disclaimer for report‘Statement’

Formatted Email text on emails of pdf attachments

You can now format the text to appear in emails when sending documents via the ‘EMAIL PDF ATTACHMENTS’ function (such as Production Invoices,

Sundry Invoices, Client Statements, Payment Remittance Advices. To format the text, open the ‘Report Disclaimer’ for the relevant report/document and

format the text in the box ‘EMAIL PDF ATTACHMENT NOTES’bottom right of the page.

Retainer function re-positioned

Client Retainers are now accessed from ACCOUNTING / GENERAL LEDGER /SEARCH RETAINERS (previously client retainers were located within the related

client detail screen)

Block posting to ‘Header’ GL Accounts

This prevents users from Approving transactions which have been coded to GL Accounts designated as ‘Header’ accounts – you can switch this block

option on under SET UP FILES / SET UP OPTIONS / click the ‘Options’ hyperlink and uncheck ‘Allow posting to Header GL Accounts’

Various Transfer Job Costs Enhancements

You can now:

Search for previous transfers – go to PRODUCTION / JOB COST TRANFERS / NEW JOB COST TRANSFER

Delete previous transfers (provided they were crated in an open accounting month)

Notes can be entered when creating transfers to provide an explanation for the transfer

Get Data only on demand

All search pages in AccountAbility operate on the basis that when you load the search page – the system will retrieve the data according to the filters set.
Additionally, when any filter is changed then the system will automatically re-fresh the data according to each filter change as it is applied

Some users would prefer that the system not retrieve the data until requested – the reason is that where you want to say apply 3 or 4 different filters to a
search page, it can be slow to do that because the data is reloaded each time each individual filter is applied.

Accordingly, there is now a Company level option which changes this behavior on all search pages, so that the data will only be loaded/refreshed when
the user clicks a new ‘GET DATA’ button. If your company would like to apply that new beahviour – you can change the option as follows:

Go to SET UP FILES / SET UP OPTIONS and click the ‘Options’ hyperlink, under ‘OTHER OPTIONS’ un-check the option ‘Get data automatically on
search pages’.

As this will affect all users in your company – we suggest that you communicate this to your people in advance of making the change.

Audit Trail function expanded

The ‘Audit Trail’ function which allows you to see all data additions/deletions/changes has now been rolled out to all Master File and Set Up data files.