My TIme

My Time is used to enter employee time in AccountAbility as follows:

To Enter Time Using My Time:

1.  From the "Time & Resources" menu, select "My Time"

2.  Choose the date for your time entry.  The date will default to today's date, and display all time entered for the week.  Use the blue arrows to the left & right to select a different week for time input.

3.  On the first blank line, input the Job No. or select for a Job No. drop down list and select the first job.

4.  Input the correct Task Type or select for a Task Type list and select the correct Task Type.  Your default Task Type is assigned by your administrator.

5.  Tab to the desired date column for your time entry and input the number of hours to be entered.

6.  The hours entered will default to either Billable or Non Billable based on the status of the Job No. By clicking on you can reallocate the portion of hours that are Billable Hours or Non Billable Hours.

7.  You can also click on to enter any notes regarding the hours entered.

8.  Continue adding additional jobs until all your time is entered.

9.  When you are finished entering your time, click the button.


You can revise your time input anytime before you click the button by fixing the incorrect entry.

You will be able to make a change to a time entry that has been submitted for approval as long as the time entry has not yet been approved.  Unapproved time will display in black. Approved time will appear in grey.  Once approved, the time entry must first be unapproved before it can be changed.

means actual hours exceed estimated hours for the job

means actual hours are between 75-100% of estimated hours

means actual hours are less than 75% of estimated hours


Clicking the "My Line" box to the left of a job will retain that job on your My Time entry screen.

Use the column and row subtotals to ensure that all of your time for the day, job, and week has been input.