July 2016

New Mobile Timesheet Pages

To make entering timesheets easier on smart phones and other mobile devices, we have created mobile optimized pages to make this easier. Just login to AccountAbility using your mobile device and go to Time -> My Time:

New Prospects Function

Many of our clients expressed a need to maintain details of their new business prospects and leads within AccountAbility, rather than using a separate CRM solution.

Go to Master Files -> Prospects – you can quickly add the details of prospects:

You can define your own ‘Prospect Types’ – just click the Prospect Types link on the Search prospects page.

You can use the ‘Custom Codes’ function to add your own customized fields should you wish to add various classifications to your prospects. ( In the example above we have added custom code fields for “COUNTRY”, “SIZE” and “SOURCE”.

Add activities/tasks related to the prospect at the bottom of the page.

Export a list of current prospects and activities from the Search Prospects page.

Automatically create a client in AccountAbility once you win the prospect – just open the Prospect detail page and click ‘CREATE CLIENT’. Likewise you can then create the first Job in AccountAbility for the prospect by clicking ‘CREATE JOB’

Simplified Set Up File Menu

In order to simplify the Set Up Files menu – we have relocated some of the items previously accessed through the Set Up Files menu:

.    Job Types – now accessed from a link on the Search Jobs page

.    Client Types – now accessed from a link on the Search Clients page

.    Supplier Types – now accessed from a link on the Search Suppliers page

.    Supplier Payment Types - now accessed from a link on the Search Suppliers page

.    Titles & Departments – now accessed from links on the Search Employees page

Financial Statement Formats – Extended to Budget reports

This function has been applied to various reports which contain budget data:

.    Budget Report

.    Profit & Loss Variance Report

.    Actual Plus Budget report

You need to modify your Financial Statements for use on these reports – assign the relevant Billings and Revenue lines on your financial statement to define:

.    Budget Line Type (Billings or Revenue)

.    Budget Category Range

Define Employee Home Page

You may want to define which page in AccountAbility each employee sees when they first log into the system – just open the Employee detail page and select the ‘HOME PAGE’ – for example if you want to encourage them to update their timesheets, you might set ‘My Time’ as their default

home page!