June 2016

Revenue Tracker Dashboard

This new dashboard (PRODUCTION / REVENUE TRACKER / REVENUE TRACKER DASHBOARD) gives you a great view of all of your current revenue tracker estimates organized by Probability

Expense claim and credit card receipts ‘photo’ function

This is a great new feature to simplify management of expense claim and corporate credit card receipts, eliminate paper receipts and help staff keep track of what expenses they have claimed or not claimed.

Let’s say you are at a business dinner with your client ‘Joe Smith’, you pay the bill for $120.58 and need to keep the receipt to claim it back later. Do this:

.    Use your phone to take a photo of the receipt

.    Use your phone to email the photo of the receipt to receipts@accountabilityaccess.com

.    In the email subject put for example ‘dinner with Joe Smith’

.    In the email body type the amount – just like 120.58

.    Now you can throw the paper receipt away – because we have a photo of it in AccountAbility and you also have the photo on your phone

So you do this each time you incur a cost that you need to claim (or a cost that you incurred on your corporate credit card that you need to provide the receipts for).

Next time you go into AccountAbility – create your expense claim in the normal way, click ‘Add Line’ – then click ‘ADD FROM RECEIPT PHOTOS’. The system will display all of the receipts you have emailed in, but not yet claimed.  So just tick/check the receipt photo(s) you need to claim,

and the system will create the expense lines using the details from the emails you sent (amount and description) and will attach the photo to the expense claim line.

Or, if you have already entered the expense claim line you can attach the photo by selecting the line(s) – click ‘EDIT LINE’ then click the link to assign a line to the Receipt Photo.

The same function also works for Credit Cards – and in Credit Cards there is a great feature to automatically match the credit card lines to the receipt photos – very useful if you have say 100 credit card lines that you need to attach photos to! Just click the ‘LINK PHOTOS’ button in the credit

card ‘edit line’ page.

Here’s a video explaining the new function in more detail

AccountAbility Expense Receipts

New Consolidation Reports

Two new General Ledger Reports have been added:

Under PROFIT & LOSS STATEMENTS, select Profit & Loss Consolidation Report. This allows you to print a P&L (showing month or year to date values) – with a column for each Office, or a column for each Entity. Just select the format you require and the Offices or Entities to be included in

the report:

Under BALANCE SHEET REPORTS, select Balance Sheet Consolidation Report. This allows you to print a Balance Sheet – with a column for each Office, or a column for each Entity. Just select the format you require and the Offices or Entities to be included in the report:

EXCEL options are available for both of these to take the report data into Excel.

Estimates – Delete zero value lines

Some of our customers use the ‘Add Template’ function to build Estimates, with the template lines set up with 0 units for each line. After adding the lines from the template and entering the units and rates or the lines they want to use, they want to then quickly delete all of the lines that are

unused and not relevant for this estimate.

Where there are lines on the estimate where the Units = zero, or the Rate = zero – a button will appear “DELETE 0’s” – click that to delete all of the zero value lines

Change to Estimate ‘Add Line’ function

In order to improve the response time (where users have a slow network or a long list of task types) – we have reduced the number of columns displayed by default on this page.

If you wish to be able to see/edit all columns, just check the box ‘SHOW ALL COLUMNS’:

Billable Rates – Import from Excel

Client Billable Rates can now be imported from Excel, just go to Master Files / Clients / Search Clients – then click the link “Import Billable Rates”. You can download the import template. Note that this allows you to import rate data for multiple clients within the one file.

New ‘Notes’ Editor

We’ve replaced the system ‘Notes Editor’ for all notes pages with a new and improved version.

Financial Statement Formats

This function enables you to design your own report format/structure for all of the system Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports.

The following video gives you an overview of how this works: Financial Statement Formats

New Page Links Function

You will notice that various pages now include hyperlinks to You Tube videos explaining how the function on that page works, for example on the ‘My Time page…

We will be progressively adding more video links in coming months, however your company now also has the ability to add hyperlinks into system pages so that all of your employees can see those links. This might be useful for example if you have created your own internal training

procedure that you want your employees to be able to link to. These links are easy to create:

Go to Set Up Files / Set Up Options – select the link ‘Page Links’ – this will show you the existing links, you can then add new links – as per the page below you enter;

.    The AccountAbility page url you want the link to appear on

.    The page/location it is to link to

.    The Logo image you want to use (currently you can chose between a ‘You tube’ link and a ‘Paper Clip’ style link

.    Hover over text that the user will see on the page link

Task Type /Titles

The purpose of this feature is to allow (optionally) to restrict which Task Types particular employees can use on their timesheets.

Let’s say you have one or more employees assigned to the title ‘Art Director’ – and you wish to restrict these employees to only use task types related to Art Direction:

Go to Set Up Files / Titles / Search Titles

Click the ‘Art Direction’ title to open the detail page, then click the link ‘Select for Task Types’ – now select the Task Type(s) that Art Directors are to be restricted to.

Alternatively, you can go to Master Files / Task Types / Search Task Types, open a particular task type, click the link ‘Select For Titles’ – now select which Title(s) can use this Task Type.

Create a Supplier Invoice Directly from a Purchase Order

Open an Approved PO, click the link ‘Supplier Invoices’ – now click ‘CREATE SUPPLIER INVOICE’ to create an invoice using the PO details

Create a Payment Directly from a Supplier Invoice

Open an Approved (and unpaid) Supplier Invoice, click the link ‘View Payments’ – now click ‘CREATE SUPPLIER PAYMENT’ to create a payment for the Supplier Invoice.

Non-Billable Job Cost Report

This new report (see Accounting / General Ledger / General Ledger Reports – CLIENT PROFITABILITY REPORTS, gives you a detailed transaction report showing costs and time for Non-Billable Jobs.

Logi Reports Update

Some improvements have been made to the user interface for the Logi reports function in the latest version.

Delete button added to all detail pages

Previously, data records could only be deleted from the ‘Search Pages’ – for example if you wanted to delete a Purchase Order you had to select the PO on the PO Search page, then click ‘DELETE’ – now you can delete records within the detail pag, so if you create a PO and it is incorrect

and you want to delete it, just click the ‘DELETE’ button in the detail page.

Unapprove button added to detail pages

Previously, transaction records could only be un-approved from the ‘Search Pages’ – for example if you wanted to un-approve a Purchase Order you had to select the PO on the PO Search page, then click ‘UNAPPROVE’ – now you can un-approve transactions within the detail page, so if you

approve a PO and it is incorrect and you want to un-approve it it, just click the ‘UNAPPROVE’ button in the detail page

Talent Payment Report

This new report (see Accounting / Payables / Payables Reports, gives you a detailed transaction report of Talent Payments, displaying ‘additional charges’ such as Talent Payroll Tax, Super and Work care. If you would like some information of how to configure AccountAbility to manage

Talent payments (primarily for Australian clients) then please contact support@accountabilityaccess.com