Resource Management

Resource Manager provides an inter-active view of Timeline Tasks for a selected team - get a visual display of assigned tasks, and assign tasks to team members using the simple 'drag and drop' function.

About Resource Management:

This function is designed to work as an adjunct to the Timelines function. We strongly recommend that the initial creation of Timelines and Tasks is managed through the Timelines function, as that function has an array of tools to enable you to quickly build your Timelines and Tasks.

Using Resource Management;

From the "Time & Resources" menu, select "Timelines" / "Resource Management".

Select the 'Team' you wish to view/work-on. A Team can contain as many or as few employees as you wish. An individual can belong to one or many teams. Teams and team members are maintained through the Master Files /Teams Menu

Select the 'Start Date:' for example if you select July 15th the page will display tasks for July 15 onwards.

There are 4 available Calendar views to choose from:

1) Timeline - shows tasks for the next 14 days from the start date (this is the default view)

2) Month - shows the tasks for the calendar month of the start date

3) Week - shows the tasks for the week of the start date

4) Day - shows the tasks for the day of the start date, in one hourly grids

The grid will display the following timeline tasks:

Tasks which are assigned to Employees who are members of the selected Team. These tasks are displayed underneath the respective Employee, so you can all tasks that are assigned to specific Employees in the date range in view

Tasks which are assigned to the selected Team, but not yet assigned to a specific Employee. This tasks are shown in the first row under 'Not Yet Assigned'.

Drag and Drop...

Let's say you have a task assigned to the selected Team - which appears under the 'Not Yet Assigned' - just drag the task and assign it to the selected Employee and drag it to the date or time (depending on the view you are working in) that the task should be carried out.

To change information an existing Task, just click on the task, edit the relevant information then click 'Save'

To add a new Task, just click on the relevant Employee /Date and select 'New Task'. Note - we strongly recommend that creation of new Tasks be managed within the Timelines function rather than within the Resource Management function. Tasks created using the Resource Management function will not appear in the Timeline itself. Though all changes made to existing tasks using Resource Management will update the Timeline Tasks.

You can Export the Timeline view to Excel by clicking on the 'Export' hyperlink.