February 2016

Roll out of the new look AccountAbility continues

Our project to re-design and modernize every page in AccountAbility continues.

This month another 50 pages have been re-designed, and we are on track to complete the entire system re-design in the next couple of months.

Structural Re-design of the Estimate function

We have overhauled the Estimate creation and editing pages to make the whole process faster and simpler.

Watch the video in the link below for an overview of how it works now.

AccountAbility Estimates

The key changes are:

·   All details of new lines being added such as the Rate, heading, description can be entered/selected on the ‘Add Line’ page, rather than having to first add the lines then edit the details

·   Rather than editing the line details on the main estimate page, when you need to make changes select the lines to be changed (you can edit select one, or multiple lines to edit) then click the ‘EDIT LINES’ button

·   The ‘Layout’ page has been removed, you can now change the line item headings, sort orders etc. on the ‘ADD LINES’ page or the ‘EDIT LINES’ page

·   The ‘Scheduled Invoices’ for the Estimate is now accessed by clicking the ‘Production Invoices’ link – from this page you can see existing invoices created or click the ‘Scheduled Invoices’ link to add/change the invoices scheduled for this estimate.

Recurring Journals function

At the request of several clients, we have created a function to allow you to generate recurring Journal Entries, useful when you need to prepare journals that repeat over several months – for example this might be used for your Depreciation, Accruals, Payroll or even monthly Bank Direct Debits.

The first step is to create the Journal for the first month – create a Journal in the usual way. Once the Journal is saved, click the link ‘Recurring’ at the top of the page

Now you can add the dates that you would like this Journal to recur. You can add as many recurrences as you wish, and you can use the ‘Add selected number of months’ feature where you want the same journal to recur on the same month for a selected number of months.

Once you have created each of the date you want this journal to recur, click the ‘CREATE JOURNALS’ button and the system will create one journal for each recurrence.

Note that the journals created are not automatically approved – if you want to approve each of the journals created, click the link ‘View Recurring Journals’ – now you can select each of the created recurring journals and approve them, either in a batch or individually.

Foreign Currency Bank Account Journals

Let’s say you need to post a journal adjustment to an Office in AUD, but you need to reflect that journal adjustment against a Bank Account that is reconciled in USD. Post the journal in the AUD amount (e.g.  a Debit to the GL Account for the specific bank account). Save your journal, then on that line impacting the USD Bank Account, click the ‘Other Detail’ tab, now you can enter the USD value which appeared on the bank statement in the new field titled ‘FOREIGN CURRENCY BANK ACCOUNT VALUE’. The value you enter here will appear on the Bank Reconciliation screen and reports for the USD Bank Account.