January 2016

Important Action Required

Important action required: Due to changes in AccountAbility, you are required to clear the cache in your web browser, please do this as soon as possible – simple instructions to clear the browser cache can be found in this link: https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic

Functional Re-Design of Expense Claim pages

In addition to the visual changes to Expense Claims as part of our system wide re-design project, we have slightly altered the way the Expense Claim page works to improve their performance and usability. The following video outlines the new page.


Roll out of the new look AccountAbility continues

Our project to re-design and modernize every page in AccountAbility continues.

The previous sub-menu has been replaced with a simple drop down menu – click the icon shown below to access the functions such as ‘My Time’, ‘My Expenses’ etc.



All ‘look-ups’ across the entire system have been revamped to improve their appearance and usability

This month sees the release of the following re-designed pages:

                •   My Time (including the mobile version)

                •   My Expenses (including the mobile version)

                •   My Credit Cards (including the mobile version)

                •   My Messages

                •   Estimates Browse

                •   Purchase Order Browse

                •   Contact Reports Browse

                •   Revenue Tracker Browse

                •   Internal Charges Browse

                •   Search Files

                •   Time Approval

                •   Timelines / Timeline Tasks & Resource Management

                •   Leave Management/Expense Claim Management/Credit Card Management

Release Notes on the help site

All of our ‘update notes’ from the last 3 years which outline the new functions and other changes to AccountAbility are now published on our help site – you can browse all of these here, expand the menu to see the full list of Release Notes:

New Release Notes