August 2012

Hi, we’d like to let you know that AccountAbility will be updated at 7pm AEST on Friday August 31st. Please note that the system will be unavailable between 7pm and 8pm whilst this update is carried out. Here are some of the changes that will be included in the update:

                • GL Account ‘drill down’ function. In General Ledger / GL Accounts / Search GL accounts, the system displays the current balance of each account. Click on a GL Account number, then click the “Details” hyperlink at the top of the page – this shows you

                the movement and balance of the account for each month. Now click on a month and the system will display all of the transactions on the account for that month. If you want to enquire on a specific transaction just click on the transaction – this will open the data

                entry screen for that transaction (e.g. the payment, supplier invoice, production invoice etc.) You can also filter the transactions you want to see – click on the ‘Filter’ hyperlink and select the criteria – such as filter on one client to see all transactions in the account

                for that client.

                • Monthly Client Billings & Revenue Report. In General Ledger / GL Reports, this new report allows you report on client billings and revenue in a 12 month summary style, and gives you flexibility on how you group the report – for example you might want to group and

                total your client billings and revenue by Client Type or Client

                • Rounding function on Production Invoices. When creating a Production invoices, you can now elect to ‘round’ each line amount on the invoice to the nearest dollar. Let’s say for example you have a an estimate that overs a 12 month retainer with a total value of

                $50,000, and each month you want to bill one twelfth of that retainer. When you create the invoice, select the option to invoice 8.33333%  (i.e. one twelfth) of the estimate – normally that would mean the $50,000 line invoiced at 8.33333% would create the invoice line

                for $4,166.65 – however if you check the option “Round Line Amounts” – the system will create the invoice line for $4,167.00

                • Tax Code function. This function allows you to categorize your GST/VAT transactions, then produce your Tax reports grouping and totalling on individual tax codes. It also (optionally) allows you to post your GST inputs/outputs to specific accounts. Under Set Up Files –

                you will see a new menu choice called “Tax Codes” where you can browse, edit or add new tax codes. By default, we have created two Tax Codes for you:

                                • “TAX” – means taxable transactions

                                • “FRE” – means tax-free transactions

                Each of your Offices (Set Up Files / Offices) is then assigned a default input tax code and default output tax code , and each client and supplier is assigned a default tax code. When you create a transaction for a client (e.g. estimate, production invoice or sundry invoice)

                the tax code for the transaction will default to the client’s default tax code, but of course you can override that on the transaction where required. Likewise, when processing a supplier invoice or payment the tax code for the transaction  will default to the supplier’s default

                tax code – but you can override the tax code on the individual lines on the invoices/payments. This then allows you to segment your inputs/purchases by tax code when printing your tax reports. In the tax report selection screens, you’ll see an option to group the report by

                tax code. We’ve implemented this new Tax Code function in such a way that if you don’t want to need to use it, or don’t need it, the system will work much the same way as it does now and won’t require any additional data entry steps.

As usual, the update includes a number of improvements to the system operation and report layout, if you have any questions about the new features above then contact us at any time.