November 2012

We are pleased to advise that AccountAbility will be upgraded with new features and enhancements at 8pm AEST on Tuesday November 6.  The system will be unavailable for a few minutes between 8pm and 8.30pm whilst the upgrade is carried out.

The main upgrades are as follows;


This feature allows communication of job related messages to your company’s employees, as well as client contacts and supplier contacts. It is a great way to organise all communication about a job in one place rather than having this information all within people’s individual email


Within the Job page, click the ‘Messages’ link at the top right of the page. If messages already exist for this job you will see a list of these messages and any replies. Otherwise the system loads a ‘New Message’ page where you can enter a subject and text description of the message, and

select from a list of employees (and/or client and supplier contacts whose email addresses are in the system) that the message is to be sent to.

If you are using the AccountAbility Cloud Files function you can also attach files to the message by clicking the Files icon at the top right.

Messages that are sent to your internal people will appear in those employee’s ‘My Messages’ page which is accessed from a new link at the top right of the system underneath the main menu. Employees who receive  a new message will also see a small pop appear to notify them that they

have a new message. If you click the ‘Send Email’ – your internal people will also get an email with a link they can click to view the message and post replies.

Messages sent to Client and or Supplier contacts are sent via an email link, the contact simply clicks on the secure link in the email to view the message and send a reply – they do not need to be logged in to AccountAbility to read or reply to messages.


•                   •    The Journal data entry page has been modified to allow further dissecting of G/L transactions by Department and or Job – on an individual Journal line click the ‘Other Details’ tab to assign dissections for Client, Job, Employee, Department or Job.

•                   •    The Supplier Invoice data entry page and Supplier payment data entry pages have been modified to allow dissection of transactions by Department – click the ‘Other Details’ tab to apply Departmental Dissections for the G/L


This report (under G/L reports) provides a detailed monthly P&L for each Department. In order for the report to be meaningful you need to note:

•                   •    Postings of Billings & Revenue for the purpose of this report are only meaningful if you have assigned Department codes at the time of approving transactions (primarily Production Invoices, but also Revenue Take Ups)

•                   •    Obviously expense allocations by Department will be meaningful if you dissect your overheads at the point of data entry by Department

When the report is created, a separate report will be printed under the Department Heading ‘No Department assigned’ – the aggregate of all billings, revenue and expense transactions not dissected by Department.


This report (under Production Reports) provides a breakdown of Job Billings, Revenue and Costs by Department. In order for the report to be meaningful you will need to assign two pieces of information for each Task Type:

•                   •    Department

•                   •    Indicative Hours Cost Rate

As usual, the update includes a number of improvements to the system operation and report layout and of course if you have any questions about the new features then contact us at any time.