December 2012

We are pleased to advise that AccountAbility will be upgraded with new features and enhancements at 8pm AEST on Wednesday December 12.  The system will be unavailable for a few minutes between 8pm and 8.30pm whilst the upgrade is carried out.

The main upgrades are as follows;


This feature provides a page containing graphs of key business metrics.

The dashboard contents (elements) can be defined by user access group – this allows the administrator to define which graphs should appear on user’s dashboards.

By default, all user dashboards contain a graph showing the number of timesheet hours they have recorded for the current week.

To select which graphs should appear on each user’s dashboard – go to Set Up Files / User Access Groups / Search User Access Groups. Click on a group to open it, then click the Dashboard Elements link – now tick the graphs/elements you’d like members of that user access group to see

on their dashboard.

Initially, there are 10 different graphs/elements to choose from:

                •    My Hours entered this week

                •    Receivables Aging

                •    Monthly Profit & Loss

                •    Department Time Utilisation

                •    Actual Plus Budget Profit & Loss

                •    Payables Aging

                •    Estimate Revenue

                •    Y.T.D Profit & Loss Variance

                •    Bank Balance

                •    WIP Balances

We plan to make more graphs available in coming releases, any suggestions you have for new graphs would be appreciated.

The user can load their dashboard by clicking the ‘My Dashboard’ link – they can also opt to assign the dashboard as their home page.


This function allows you to set amount limits on user’s approval rights. For example you may want to restrict a user so that they can approve Purchase Orders, but only if they are for less than $5,000  Additionally, you can also prevent a user from approving transactions that they created

themselves. For example you may restrict a user from only approving Supplier Payments that were created by another user.

These controls are definable by clicking the ‘Approval Rights’ link on the Employee detail page. As with all approval rights, these restrictions are only applicable to ‘Supervisor’ users. ‘Administration’ users continue to have unrestricted approval rights.


This report can now be filtered to include only jobs that have a Debit WIP balance, or only jobs that have a Credit WIP balance