March 2015


FX Revaluation

Automate the FX revaluation of receivables and Payables. See the video in this link:

Cash Flow Budgets

Build your cash flow budgets within AccountAbility utilizing system data including bank balances, receivables, payables and budgets. See the video in this link:

Email Production Invoices as attachments

In addition to the existing function of emailing invoices as a hyperlink, this function enables sending invoices as pdf attachments. See the video in this link:

Entity Filtering

Most search/browse screens now have an ‘Entity’ filter option allowing search for activity relating to the offices who are members of that entity.

Journal Report – additional filter options

This report was previously only available to run for selected journals from the Journals Search page. It can now be run from the General Ledger Reports menu with additional filter/criteria options – such as the ability to print the report including all journals for a selected month, office,

transaction type etc.