October 2015

Integration with Google, Outlook and Apple iCal calendars

You can now automatically generate events in people’s individual calendar – so they can see tasks they have been assigned to in their day-today calendar system.

One simple set-up step is required: For those staff who you would like to integrate, just go to Master Files / Employees, open the Employee record and assign the email address associated with that employee’s email system in the new field ‘External Calendar Email Address’. In the example

below, tis employee uses their Google calendar, so we enter their Gmail address…

Once that is assigned, whenever a task is assigned to the employee (whether that task is created using Timelines, or Resource Management) an email will be sent to that employee with an ‘ics’ event invitation. The employee clicks on the invitation and the event (task) is added to their

calendar based on the dates assigned to the task in AccountAbility. Both the email and the calendar entry itself contain information about the task, such as:

•    The task description

•    The job number and description

•    Estimated Hours assigned to complete the task

•    Any notes added to the task

If the task is subsequently changed in AccountAbility (for example a change in the due date), a revised ‘.ics’ is emailed to the employee with the new details and this then updates the event in the employee’s calendar.

New Revenue Management Function

This is a new on-screen function to provide a quick insight into Revenue By Client, on a month or year-to-date basis, and easily identify clients whose Actual Revenue is over or under Budget for the selected Month or Year. It also shows the current Accrued Revenue and Deferred Revenue

Balances for each client.

We see this as a valuable aid to reviewing Revenue prior to month end close, and an easy way to identify if any adjustments may be required to Accrued or Deferred Revenue.

The function is accessed via the Main menu bar – Accounting – General Ledger – Revenue Management.

From the client summary page, click on a Client to drill down to see the same information by job – handy where your budget was built from a Revenue tracker and you want to see which jobs are causing the difference between Actuals and Budget.

From the Job summary page – drill down further to see the list of transactions which make up the Actual Revenue and the balances in Accrued revenue and Deferred Revenue. This page also allows you to click on a transaction listed and navigate directly to the detail transaction page.

Batch style emailing of Client Invoices

The ‘Email pdf attachment’ function has been expanded to allow you to send invoices to multiple clients simultaneously. Prior to this release, whilst you could send multiple invoices to a single client using this function, you could not select invoices for multiple clients – you had to do this

one client at a time.

The function is available for:

Production Invoices

•    Sundry Invoices

•    Media Invoices

Simply check/tick the invoices to be sent, click the ‘Email Attachments’ link, enter any text/notes to go with the emails (e.g. ‘Please see your October Invoices attached’). AccountAbility will send an email to each client with the invoice(s) pdfs attachment, and send a copy of the email to

your inbox so you have a record.

Emailing Client Statements as pdfs

This function allows you to generate emails for one, or multiple clients with client statements attached in pdf form.

From Accounting / Receivables / Receivables Reports, select the ‘Client Statements’ hyperlink.

Set filters based on which client statement(s) you wish to send, then click the ‘Email Attachments’ link, enter any text/notes to go with the emails (e.g. ‘Please see your October Statement attached’). AccountAbility will send an email to each client with the statement attachment, and send

a copy of the email to your inbox so you have a record.

Note that statements will be emailed to the address of the ‘Default Statement’ client contact – if you attempt to email a statement to a client without a contact email, the system will warn you of the client(s) that can’t be sent.


New Report – Estimate Margin Analysis

This new report is accessed from the Estimates Search page (Production / Estimates / Search Estimates)

Set the filter on the Estimate search page according to the data to be included. For example if you wanted to run the report for a single client, select that client, then click the new hyperlink ‘Estimate Margin Summary’ – then select the level of detail required, click ‘Preview’ to run the

report or ‘Excel’ to export the report data into an Excel file. The report/export provides an analysis for each estimate included:

•    Estimate Total

•    Estimate Revenue (broken down into Internal, Time, Mark Up & Service Fee)

•    Estimated Margin %

•    The indicative cost of labour (based on the cost rates assigned to Task Types)

•    Estimated Gross Profit (Revenue less indicative cost)

New Option on Monthly Trial Balance Report

This report now analysis to basis to select from:

•    The Monthly Closing Balance for each month/account, or

•    The Movement for each month/account