November 2015

Integration of Leave & Public Holidays into Timesheets

                •    The My Time page (including the mobile version) now display hours for leave and public holidays at the bottom of the page and include these hours in the calculation of Total Hours for each day

                •    The ‘Missing Timesheet’ report now includes hours for  leave and public holidays

Manager Approval Function for Leave

The function whereby a message and email is sent to the assigned Manager (previously applied only to Expense Claims and Credit Cards) has now been applied to Leave applications. When an Employee creates and expense claim – they must now click the ‘Submit’ button, which triggers

the email/message to be sent to the approving Manager.

Setting up Managers who will receive emails/messages for Leave approval:

Go to Master Files -> Employees, open the Manager and assign Approval Rights as ‘Defined’.  Click the ‘Approval Rights’ link – set the Approval Rights for Leave to ‘Employee Level’. Save, then click the ‘Employees’ link to assign the Employees that this Manager is responsible for approving.

Master File Audit Trails

We have added an audit trail function that will now record the details of every addition, change or deletion of key system master files it will record the exact details of what was added/changed or deleted as well as which employee/user made the change and when they made it.

Let’s say for example the name/description of a Job was changed – you can now go to Logi Reports and select the table ‘Audit Trail Jobs’ and create a report which will show the details of the exact change, who made that change and when.

The purpose of this function is to add an additional layer of security. This function is now available for the following key master files:

                •    Campaigns

                •    Clients

                •    Chargeable Rates (Client Billable Rates)

                •    Clients

                •    Client Contacts

                •    Currencies

                •    Departments

                •    Employees

                •    Entities

                •    GL Accounts

                •    Job Types

                •    Jobs

                •    Media Types

                •    Mediums

                •    Offices

                •    Products

                •    Suppliers

                •    Task Types

                •    Tax Codes

                •    User Access Groups

                •    User Access Rights

Logi Reports Data Tables Guide

The Help site now includes a description of each of the AccountAbility data tables available in Logi Reports. This can be found at, select Logi Reports -> Data Tables Guide

Edit multiple lines in one page

Let’s say you have created a supplier invoice with 5 different lines, then you discover that you need to edit the Job Number on 3 of the lines. Previously you would have to edit the lines one at a time by clicking the ‘Edit’ tab on each line. You can still do that, however now you can

check/tick each of the 3 lines to be changed, then click the ‘Edit Line’ button and all 3 lines can be changed at once in a single screen.

This function has been added to the following data entry pages:

                •    Supplier Invoices

                •    Payments

                •    Purchase Orders

                •    Sundry Invoices

                •    Production Invoices (draft invoices only)

                •    Receipts

New Copy function on Purchase Orders

Open the detail page for the PO you want to copy, then click the ‘Copy’ button to create a new PO with the same details.

Option to display inactive data in look-ups

When you click the magnifying glass on any of the ‘look-up’ fields, by default any inactive records are displayed. For example you want to find a supplier invoice for a particular supplier in the Supplier Invoice Browse page – when you click the magnifying glass only active Suppliers are

shown. Now, there is a new check-box to ‘Include Inactive?’ – check/tick this to also see inactive Suppliers…

This has been added to all major lookups, such as Jobs, Clients, Suppliers, GL Accounts etc.