December 2015

AccountAbility gets a new look

We have changed all of the colors and page layouts to give AccountAbility a more contemporary look. These changes require that all users clear/empty their browser cache to ensure the pages are displayed correctly. We suggest that you send an email to all of your AccountAbility users

along these lines:

Due to changes in AccountAbility, you are required to clear the cache in your web browser, please do this as soon as possible – simple instructions to clear the browser cache van be found in this link:

Over the next few months we will be progressively re-designing every page in AccountAbility, as well as making some changes to the system navigation, to improve the overall user experience. In the latest release we have applied a completely new design to the ‘Search Jobs’ page – please

take a look at that page and let us know your thoughts (you can send comments to  – as usual we are very interested in your comments and suggestions as they are the foundation of the decisions we make on the development of the system.

A major part of our development in 2017 will be expanding the number of mobile/smartphone enhanced pages and improving the user experience of the system on the mobile platforms.

Leave Entitlement balance calculations and reporting

At the request of several clients, we have created a function to keep track of the number of days leave owing to employees. There is some set-up required if you wish to properly utilize this function:

The first step is to define the default number of days entitlement applicable for each leave you wish to record:

Go to Master Files -> Employees –> Search Employees

Click the link ‘Leave Types’. Check that all of the Leave Types you wish to track already exist, and add any more as required. Now do the following for each leave type:

Click the tab in the ‘Standard Settings’ column.

See the example below. On the first line, we have defined that the standard Annual Entitlement Days for ‘Annual Leave’ is 20 days (meaning for each year worked employees are usually entitled to 20 days of leave), and that we will be calculating the entitlement balances effective from Jan

1st 2016.

On the second line we have defined though that the standard entitlement for the New York office is set at 15 days. Rows for specific offices need only be created if the standard annual entitlement for that Office is different to the first row.

Once that set up is completed, click ‘Save and Close’

The final step is to create the start balance of the number of entitlement days owing for each employee, and define any exceptions where the employee entitlement is not the same as the standard. Click the tab in the ‘Employee Settings’ column.

In the example below, we have created a start balance for employee Alan Anderson of 15.25 days, as at January 1st 2016.

In the case of employee Chris Brooks, we have set the annual entitlement days to 15.00 – because we want that employee to have a different entitlement to the standard entitlement for that employee’s office.

The start date only needs to be entered in the following cases:

                •    The annual entitlement for the employee differs from the standard entitlement for that employee’s office (for example a part time employee), or

                •    You need to create a start balance for the employee as they have days owing at the point you are going to start calculations, or

                •    The entitlement calculation start date for the employee is different to the Employee’s start date defined in the Employee master file page.

Once that set up is complete, all you need to do now is ensure that all Employee leave after the ‘start date’ is entered into AccountAbility, either by having the Employees enter this themselves using the ‘My Leave’ function, or by entering it into Time & Resources -> Leave

Now some valuable reporting options become available:

When an Employee lodges a Leave Request – the system message and email sent to the Manager for approval of the request will display the number of days that the Employee is entitled to before and after the leave that is being applied for. See the example below – in this case the

Manager receives the email with the leave request from Employee ‘Annie Border’ for one day of leave – but you can see that the “Entitlements Day Balance before’ is a negative value of 7.58 days. In other words, Annie has already taken more days than she is entitled at that point to so the

Manager would be unlikely to approve this leave request!

Under Time & Resources -> Leave, click the link ‘Leave Reconciliation Report’ – select the range of dates and leave type(s) to be reported on – the system will give you a full reconciliation of the leave entitlements owing. The detail option will list each of the individual leave requests

during the report period…