Revenue Tracker Detail

The Revenue Tracker Detail page displays the forecast revenue timing and probability for an individual estimate

This page can be accessed either by clicking on the Job number link from the Revenue Tracker Browse or by clicking the Revenue Tracker link from the Estimate screen.

Estimated Revenue

Displays the total amount of revenue associated with the estimate - this is derived/calculated from the revenue components on the estimate.

Start Date

Defines when the work associated with the estimate is likely to start. Each estimate can run for a maximum of 12 months. Where you have a job that will run for more than 12 months, create a separate estimate for each year.


This is the weighting defining the likelihood that the job will go ahead. Each Probability has a % assigned to it which defines the revenue forecast. For example if an estimate with $10,000 of revenue is a assigned to a probability of 50%, then the revenue tracker forecast for that estimate is $5,000. To create new probabilities go to the "Set Up Files" / "Probabilities" menu.

Total Allocated

Displays the amount of revenue that has been assigned to the 12 months - this should agree to the Estimated Revenue figure.



The difference between the Estimated Revenue and the amount of revenue that has been allocated across the 12 months.

Assign the Estimated Revenue into the months it is likely to occur. The "Add Months" button allows you to quickly allocate a fixed amount of monthly revenue across a range of months.

Where revenue has already been earned for this Job the value of that revenue will be displayed in the Actual Job Revenue column.