Revenue Tracker Browse

The Revenue Tracker Browse displays the forecast revenue on active Jobs for the next 12 months.

To edit the probability or monthly revenue amounts, check the box on the far left for the estimate(s) - this then makes the probability and monthly revenue amounts editable. Once complete, click the Save button.

Job No's displayed in red indicate estimates that have not been fully allocated; either:

1) No Probability has been assigned to the Estimate, or

2) Monthly Revenue amounts assigned to the Estimate do not tally with the total revenue associated with the estimate


Click the Filter hyperlink to narrow the data that is included in the Revenue Tracker Browse.

For example if you want to view or report on a particular client. select the Client and click Save & Close to return to the Revenue Tracker Browse.

Changing the browse start date allows you to configure the 12 month period to be viewed - so for example if you want to see the current calendar year, set that to January 1.



Preview / List Export

Click Preview to run a report of the Revenue Tracker data based on the current filters , or click List Export to take the data into Excel.