The Filter command will allow you to customize the Client Inquiry information and produce a Receivables Aging Report based on the filters used.

The Client Inquiry Screen will allow you to view aged receivables information for all clients or for a single master client.

To Filter and Report on Client Inquiry information:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Receivables" then "Client Inquiry"  to go to the "Client Inquiry Browse" screen.

2.  Click the Filter link in the upper aright hand corner to be taken to the Client Inquiry Filter Screen.

3.  Select the Date or Accounting Month & Year dates using the drop down menus.

4.  Select the Current or Office Currency that you want to report to display.

5.  To group by master client, leave the checked.

6.  You can filter the list by selecting or unselecting date listed in this ribbon bar:

7.  When you have filtered your report selections, click to display the filtered Receivables Aging Report. You can use the on screen commands to save, print, or zoom the report.