Receipt On Account

Use "Receipt On Account" when you receive a payment that cannot be applied to a specific client invoice and should be held "On Account."  On Account payments can be allocated to specific invoices at a later date.

To Enter a New Non Receipt Invoice:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Receivables" then "Receipts"  and "New Receipt" to go to the "Receipt" screen.

2.  Use the  to select the Master Client where the payment was received from.

3.  AccountAbility will assign the next sequential receipt number.  Note - this is required but is not the check#, but a transaction reference number.

4.  Enter the client payment no. (optional)

5.  Enter the client payment method, i.e.check, wire.  (optional)

6.  Enter a payment description.  (optional)

7. The office will default to the office assigned to the client.  If needed, use the drop down menu to change the selection.

8.  Use the  to select the Bank Account where the payment will be deposited.

9.  The date will default to today's date.  Use the drop down calendar menu to change the date if needed.

10.  The Accounting Month and Year will default to the current month.  To change, click the  and select the desired Accounting Month & Year.

11.  Click the Receipt On Account link to be taken to the "Receipt On-Account" screen.  

12.  Verify the Master Client and Client Codes are correct.  Enter the amount of the On Account payment.  If desired, enter a description for the payment.  

13.  Click  to save your entry and return to the "Receipt" screen.

12.  To post your entry to Cash and Accounts Receivable, click .