Invoices from Actual Costs

To Create an Invoice from Actual Costs:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Receivables" then "Production Invoices"  and "Create Production Invoice" to go to the "Create Production Invoice Wizard (Start Page)" screen.

2.  Use the  to select the job number.

3.  Select

3.  The Invoice Date will default to today's date.  If needed, using the drop down calendar menu, select a different date.  AccountAbility will change the Accounting Month and Accounting Year to match any different date entered.

4.  If needed, using the drop down menu, select a different accounting year for the Invoice to be recorded in.

5.  If needed, using the drop down menu, select a different accounting month for the Invoice to be recorded in.

6.  If needed, use the to select a new currency to be used.

7.  If you would like to deduct amounts that were previously "Estimate Invoiced" from the new invoice, ensure the box the checked:

7.  Enter the desired Payment Terms.  The payment terms will calculate the Payment Date.  If needed, adjust the payment date using the drop down calendar menu.

8.  Click to continue to the "Create Production Invoice Wizard (Page 1 - Invoice Costs)" screen.

9.  By default, all costs will be checked and selected for invoicing.  To unselect any cost from invoicing, uncheck the box to the left of the task.  Any amounts previously billed will be displayed as negative amounts, to be deducted from the actual costs billed.  Click  after your changes any changes have been made to continue to the "Create Production Invoice Wizard (Page 2 - Invoice Costs)" screen.  You can adjust your sort order and description if needed, or add other details and notes by clicking  .

10.  When your invoice details are correct, click  or  and you will be taken to the final screen to confirm that your invoice has been created.  By checking the box next to  , you can immediately view a copy of the invoice you created on your screen.

11.  To convert a draft invoice to a final invoice, search for and select your draft invoice in the Production Invoice Browse screen and click  and your final invoice will be created.  To post and record the invoice, search and select your final, unapproved invoice in the Production Invoice Browse screen and click .


AccountAbility recommends that you first create a draft invoice for review and approval before creating a final invoice.

Draft invoices will be numbered using the Job Number + "DR" and final invoices will be issued the next sequential number available.

Final invoices are not posted to Accounts Receivable until they are approved.