AccountAbility allows you to email one or more payment remittances to a single supplier.


To Send A  Payment Remittance:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Payables" then "Payments"  and "Search Payments" to go to the "Payment Browse" screen.

2.  All fields on the Payment Browse field are optional so you can search for payments by any of the following criteria:  Master Supplier, Payment No., Accounting Year, Accounting Month, Office, Bank Account, Payment Type, Approval Status, or by who added the payment. Use the  to search for the criteria you wish to use, input the first letter or letters of the desired criteria, or use the drop down menus as needed to make your selections.  Continue changing all the desired criteria until the list displays the payment you wish to email a payment remittance for.  When making your selection, only select one supplier.  To send emails for multiple suppliers, use the Batch Email procedure instead.

3. Click on the box to the left of the payment that you wish to be included in the Email. Or click the box at the top of the column to select all payments that are displayed on the screen.

4.  Click the Email link to send payment remittances for the selected payments.


You must have a valid contact name and contact email address to use the batch email process.  If any suppler is missing this information, the email procedure will not continue and you will receive a failure message.  To add supplier contact information, go to Master Files/Suppliers/Search Suppliers to access the Supplier file and and click the Supplier Contacts link to add or edit the contact information.