WIP Take Up List

The WIP Take Up List will allow you to display all WIP Take Up entries made over a specific date range, for a specific office, for selected clients & products, for deleted task types, and for specific WIP Take Up Types.

To Request the WIP Take Up List:

1.   From the "Accounting" menu, select "General Ledger" then "WIP Take Ups"  and "Search WIP Take Ups" to go to the "WIP Take Ups Browse" screen.

2.  Click the WIP Take Up List link in the top right hand corner of the screen to open the WIP Take Up Selection screen.

3.  Select your date range by selecting either a specific date range:

Or select your date range using a range of Accounting Months and Accounting Years:

4.  Set additional list search criteria for Office, Clients, Products, Task Types, and WIP Take Up Types as required.

5.  When all of your search criteria has been selected, you can:

A.  Click to run the report and view on screen.  On screen commands will allow you to print, save, zoom, and format the displayed list.

B.  Click to export the report into multiple formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, RTF, CSV, and XML) by clicking the export icon in the top left hand corner of the report display screen and selecting the desired format and page range.