The Import function can be used to import General Ledger accounts from an Excel formatted spreadsheet template.

To Import General Ledger Accounts:

1.  Select the "Accounting" menu, then "General Ledger Accounts" and "New General Ledger Accounts" to access the General Ledger Accounts screen.

2.  Click the Import link to open the Import Excel window as shown below:

3.  You will need to use a formatted AccountAbility template to import your data.  If you do not have that, first, click the Download template link to start the template download.  The template will be saved to your downloads folder as "GL+Accounts+Import+template.xlt" or can be accessed by clicking on at the left hand bottom corner of your screen.  Enter your data into this template and resave the template with your data.

4.  Click to locate and select your data template file.

5.  Click to import your General Ledger Account data.

Note:  The template columns in RED are required to be completed in the data template.  Entries in the GL Account Type and GL Report Group must match categories that are in your AccountAbility setup.  The entry for the "Bank Account?" column would be True for an actual bank account and False for all other accounts.  The entry for the "Active" column would be True for an active account.  An errors in your data will prevent the import from processing.