Copying A Journal

AccountAbility easily lets you copy an existing journal to create a new journal that can be posted to another accounting year or month.  You can also copy an existing entry to create a reversing journal from the original journal.

To  Copy a existing Journal:

1.  Select the "Accounting" menu, then "General Ledger" "Journals" and "Search Journals" to access the Journal Browse screen.

2.  Enter your corresponding search criteria (Accounting Year, Journal No., Accounting Month, etc.) to narrow down the search results and find your desired entry.  If you want to show system created journals instead of a user created journal entry, ensure that you have clicked the box for .  Also ensure you have selected the correct approval status:, i.e

3.  Once the journal to be copied appears in the journal list, clicking on the journal number listed in the Journal No. column to access the journal screen and view the detailed postings.

4.  Click to open the Copy Journal window:

5.  Revise your Accounting Year, Accounting Month and Description as necessary.

6.  Click to copy the journal detail, create a new journal, and return to the journal screen.

7.  Choose to or .  By selecting copy again, you can create an additional journal for a different posting period.

To create a Reversal Journal:

Follow all of the steps to copy an entry, but click the box next to when the Copy Journal window.  This will create a new journal with the debit & credit amounts reversed.