Deleting A Journal

Unapproved journals can easily be deleted as long as they have not been approved.  If the journal you wish to delete has already been approved, you must unapprove it first.

To Delete a Journal:

1.  Select the "Accounting" menu, then "General Ledger" "Journals" and "Search Journals" to access the Journal Browse screen.

2.  Enter your corresponding search criteria (Accounting Year, Journal No., Accounting Month, etc.) to narrow down the search results and find your desired entry. Ensure you have selected as only unapproved journals can be deleted.

3.  Once your journal or journals appear in the journal browse list, you can approve one or more by clicking the box to the left of the journal number and clicking .

4. AccountAbility will confirm the deletion with a message in the top left corner preceded by your journal number.