Clients Attending

Clients attending a meeting or phone call can be easily added to a Contact Report using the Clients Attending hyperlink.

To add a Client or Clients that were involved on a Contact Report:

1.  If you have just added a new Contact Report, you can add Clients Attending directly after saving the Contact Report by clicking the Clients Attending hyperlink at the top of the Contact Reports form.  If you created a Contact Report earlier and wish to add Clients Attending at a later date, from the "Production" menu, select "Contact Reports", then "Search Contact Reports"  to open the Contact Reports Browse screen. Narrow your search by entering report details such as Job No., Client, Office, etc.  When the desired Contact Report appears in the list, click the blue link in the ID column to access the Contact Report, then click the Clients Attending hyperlink at the top of the Contact Reports Form.

2.  From the Clients Attending screen, select clients that attended the client call or meeting by clicking their name in the left hand column ("Not Selected") to highlight the client name and then clicking and moving the client to the right hand column ("Selected".)

3.  When all of the attending clients are in the Selected column, click to save your entry and return to the Contact Reports Form.

Note:  A client contact must first be setup in the Client Contacts in order to add them to a Contact Report.  See the help page under Client Contacts for assistance on adding a new Client Contact.