New Contact Reports

To start a new Contact Report:

1.  From the "Production" menu, select "Contact Reports", then "New Contact Report"  to open the Contact Reports Form screen.

2.  Enter all of the information for the required fields:  Client, Subject, Client Contact, Office & Date.  The can be used for any field to access a list for the field.  The employee will default to the employee that is creating the Contact report and the office will default to the office that employee is assigned to.  The date will default to today's date.  Change any defaults as needed.

3.  Add any additional information to the optional fields:  Job No, Location, or Time.  Using a Job No. will pre-populate Job Description & Product fields.

4.  When you have made all of your revisions, click  to save your input and remain on the entry screen, click  to return to the Contact Reports Browse screen, or click    to exit the Contact Reports Form screen (without saving your changes) and return to the Contact Reports Browse screen.

Additional information can be added to the Contact Report using the blue hyperlinks at the top of the screen,  Additional information for those links is available on each link's help page.