The Export function will allow you export an estimate to multiple formats onto your computer.

1.  As soon as you have created a new estimate, you can export the estimate to a file by clicking the Export hyperlink at the top of the screen.  If you have previously created an estimate, but want to send an email at a later date, select  the "Production" menu, then "Search Estimates" and selecting the corresponding job number for the estimate.  Once the estimates for the job have displayed, click on the Job No. field for the correct Estimate Version number to open the Estimate screen.  Then click the Export hyperlink at the top of the screen and your estimate will be generated.

2. Once the estimate is displayed, you are able to export the Estimate into multiple formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, RTF, CSV, and XML) by clicking the export icon in the top left hand corner of the report display screen and selecting the desired format and page range.