Search for a Campaign

The Campaign Browse screen allows you to search for a campaign by campaign code, any part of the campaign name, client, or product.  Both active & inactive campaigns can be displayed.

To Browse Campaigns:

1.   From the "Production" menu, select "Jobs" then "Search Jobs" to open the Job Browse screen.

2. From the Job Browse Screen, click the blue Campaigns hyperlink in the top right hand corner of the screen.

3.  All campaigns will be listed.  To filter the list, enter any of the selection criteria in the top portion of the screen.  You can also show inactive jobs by selecting the check box next to

4.  Once you have found the campaign you are searching for, select the blue campaign ID Key in the left hand column of the campaign you want to open.


You do not need to know the exact or entire campaign name to search for a campaign.  You can search campaigns by any word in the campaign name, by using that in the Campaign Name field.  For example, using the word "Promotion" will display the campaign list showing all campaigns that have "Promotion" in their name.