Employee Details

Maintain details for new or existing employees

Employee Code

Alpha or numeric can be used - we suggest limiting the code to 3-4 characters in length. The code assigned here also acts as that Employee's user code when they log in to AccountAbility


Assign the Office the employee is paid by


Primarily allows report filtering/selection for timesheet data. Titles can be created from the link "Titles" under Master Files / Employees / Search Employees.

Email Address

Required to facilitate system message functions, as well as enabling the user to re-set their password.

Access to Own Office Data Only?

Checking this option means that the user is restricted to being able to create/view/edit data relating to the office they are assigned to. For example if the user is assigned to office "London" and this option is checked, the user cannot see jobs other than the jobs for London office.

Approval Rights

Three options are available:

  1. None -  the employee has no rights to approve system transactions
  2. Defined - the employee has some approval rights, in this case the specific approval rights can be assigned by clicking the "Approval Rights" link at the top of the page
  3. Unrestricted - the employee is able to approve any type of system transaction they are able to access

Daily Hours

The expected number of hours the employee will work for each working day

Cost Rate

The hourly cost for the employee - used in system profitability calculations where the cost of time recorded is calculated.

Allow access only from this IP address

Used to restrict the employee from logging into the system from multiple locations, this would generally be left empty/blank


Primarily allows report filtering/selection for timesheet data. Departments can be created from the link "Departments" under Master Files / Employees / Search Employees.

Default Task Type

Determines the default for the employee when they are entering their timesheets through "My Time"

User Access Group

Determines the system functions this employee will be able to access, and the type of access permitted. See "Set Up Files" / "User Access Groups"

Billable Rate

The default hourly rate for billable time performed by the employee - will only be applied where there is not a client specific or task type specific rate applicable to the time entered.

Target Billable Time %

The expected % of time worked by the employee that will be billable to clients - used in various utilization calculations

Reset Password

Re-sets the employee's password to be the same as their log in code (employee code). The employee will be asked to assign their own personal password after logging in with this code.

Working Days

Click the link to assign the usual days of the week this employee works. When a new employee is created the days will be assigned according to the default working days for their office (see Set Up Files -> Offices-> Working Days)


You can attach any source documents to the employee record by clicking the symbol and attaching a file to the employee entry.  After attaching your file, you can add a description of the document.  Make sure to click to save your attachments for later reference.