Retainers facilitate the reconciliation of time accrued and amounts invoiced under a Client Retainer, without the necessity of capturing the time under a single job.

Before creating the retainer, create a a Job which will serve as the Retainer invoicing job, then create an Estimate for the job which contains the cost details of which task types and hours the retainer covers.


Assign only if the retainer only covers activity for a single Product - otherwise leave empty

Start Date / End Date

The range of time activity dates that the Retainer covers

Estimate Job No. & Estimate version

Select the Job number and estimate version you created - the estimate lines define which Task Types (activities) are covered by the retainer, and the number of hours the retainer covers for each activity.

Specific Jobs

By default the retainer is reconciled on the basis that the Retainer convers all Task Types (activities) that are defined in the retainer estimate. In the case that activities for some jobs are outside (charged in addition to) the retainer - check this 'Specific Jobs' check box, click the "Save" button, then click the Specific Jobs link to select the jobs which are covered by the retainer.