Search Client Budgets

The Search Client Budgets screen will allow you to look up any existing Client Budget by Client/Product, Year, Office, Budget Category, Budget Version, or Budget Status.  You can also easily copy an existing budget to another budget version or year using the copy function.

To Search Client Budgets:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Budgets" then "Revenue Budgets"  and "Search Client Budgets" to go to the "Client Budgets" screen.

2.  By default, all budgets that have been entered will display.  You can filter the budgets that are displayed by entering a Client andProduct, or by changing the Office, Accounting Year, Budget Category, Budget Version or Client Budget Status using the drop down lists.

3.  To access & revise any budget displayed on the browse screen, click the ID link to go directly to that Client Budget screen.

4  To copy an existing Budget to another Budget Version or another Accounting Year, select the Budget you wish to copy by electing the box to the left of the ID and click to open the "Client Budget Copy Form" window.   Select both the Budget Version and Accounting Year you wish to copy your budget tot using the drop down lists. and click to copy your budget to the new version/year.

5.  To delete a budget from the Client Budgets screen, click the box to the left of the ID and click .