Budget Report

The Budget Report request screen will allow you to print the Budget Report for different periods, currencies, budget versions, and/or offices depending on your reporting needs.

To Request a Budget Report:

1.  Select the "Accounting" menu, then "Budgets" and "Expense Budgets" and "Search Expense Budgets" to access the Expense Budgets Browse screen.

2.  Click the Budget Report link to open the Budget Report Selection screen.

3.  Enter the desired Accounting Year for your Budget Report using the drop down menu.

4.  Select "Use Home Currency" or "Convert to Selected Currency" and select your Report Currency using the .

5.  Select the Budget Version from the Listed version you have setup.

6.  Select the desired Office or Offices by checking the box next to each Office Code.  If you have selected to "Convert to Selected Currency" also change your Report FX Rate to the desired exchange rate.

7.  To Preview the report on screen, click to view the report.  Follow the onscreen commands to re-size, zoom, save, or print the report.

7.  To Export the report,  click to display the the Budget Report.  You can then export the report into multiple formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, RTF, CSV, and XML) by clicking the export icon in the top left hand corner of the report display screen and selecting the desired format and page range.