New Expense Budget

The Expense Budget screen allows you to add new budget amounts for GL expense accounts.

To create a New Expense Budget:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Budgets" then "Expense Budgets"  and "New Expense Budget" to go to the "Budget" screen.

2.  Use the to select the GL expense account that you wish to enter a budget for.

3.  Select the Office using the drop down menu.

4.  Select the Accounting Year for the budget using the drop down menu.

5.  Select the Current Budget Version that you are entering data for.  Additional budget versions can be added by selecting the Budget Version link in the Budget Setup screen.

6. The budget amount can be entered separately for each month. Or, if the budget amount will be the same for multiple months, enter the amount in the Default Amount box, select the box to the left of the months you wish to copy that amount to, and click the and the default amount will be copied to all selected boxes.

7.  If you make any changes to entry or wish to check your budget amount for the entire year, click to recalculate the total and verify.

8.  When you are satisfied with your input, click to save your entries and to go the the Expense Budgets Browse screen where you can review your input.

9. To continue adding Expense Budgets for additional GL expense accounts, click to return to the Budget screen.


You can attach any source documents for future reference by clicking the symbol and attaching a file to the budget entry.  After attaching your file, you can add a description of the document.  Make sure to click to save your attachments for later reference.