Search Payments

Using the Search Payments function, you can search for specific supplier invoices using multiple criteria.

To Search for a Supplier Payment:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Payables" then "Payments"  and "Search Payments" to go to the "Payment Browse" screen.

2.  All fields on the Payment Browse field are optional so you can search for payments by any of the following criteria:  Master Supplier, Payment No., Accounting Year, Accounting Month, Office, Bank Account, Payment Type, Approval Status, or by who added the payment. Use the to search for criteria you wish to use, input the first letter or letters of the desired criteria, or use the drop down menus as needed to make your selections.  Continue changing all the desired criteria until the list displays the information you require.

3.  To see more payment detail from your selections, click the payment number displayed in the left hand column of the screen.