Generate a batch of Payments

Payments can be created for multiple supplier invoices at once using "Generate a batch of Payments" function.

To Generate a Batch of Payments:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Payables" then "Payments"  and "Generate a batch of Payments" to go to the "Generate Payments Wizard" screen.

2.  Select the Payment Date by using the drop down calendar menu.

3.  The Accounting Month & Year will default to the current period.  Confirm and adjust to posting period.

4.  Select the date of the supplier invoices that you wish to pay.  You can choose to select by:

    a.  By Invoice Dates:  Using the drop down calendar menu, select the last invoice date of the invoices that you wish to pay.

    b.  By Due Dates:  Using the drop down calendar menu, select the last due date of the invoices that you wish to pay.

    c.  By Accounting Month:  Use the drop down menu to select the last accounting month of the invoices you wish to pay.

5.  Select the payment type.  By clicking the box to the left of  , you will select only those vendors that have the same Default Payment Type that you have selected.

6.  Verify or adjust the First Payment No.

7.  To limit your selection for a specific Supplier Type, select the type rom the cop down menu (optional.)

8.  Verify or adjust the Currency, Exchange Rate, Bank Account, and Payment Office.

9.  All offices will select by default.  To limit your selection, deselect the office you do not wish to generate payments for by unblocking the box to the left of the office name.

10.  When all selection parameters are correct, click  to go to the "Generate Payments Wizard - Pay Supplier Invoice" screen.

11.  The "Pay Supplier Invoice screen will display all unpaid supplier invoices that meet your search criteria.  By default, all invoices will be selected to be paid.  You can deselect all by click the box at the top of the most left-hand column or deselect individual invoices by unclicking the box to the left of the Invoice No.  If you have entered any Withholding Taxes, they will be displayed and can be adjusted before the payment is made.

12.  Once you have adjusted your selections, click  to display the total of payments you have selected.  

13.  If you are done making changes to your invoice payment selection, click  to create payments.  AccountAbility will generate payments and display a Confirmation Page so you can verify what has been paid.  By clicking on the Payment No. you can see the detail of the payment and the invoices that the payment was applied against.

14.  To leave the "Generate Payments Wizard" application, click  to return to the payment browse screen.