The payment currency will always default to the Master Supplier's default currency.  AccountAbility will allow you to set a different payment currency and convert the payment currency to a home currency based on the exchange rates you enter.

To Change the Currency used for a Supplier:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Payables" then "Payments"  and "New Payment" to go to the "Payment" screen.

2.  Use the  to search for the suppler you want to use and select.  You can also input the first letter or letters of the supplier name in the Supplier Code box to see vendors that begin with those letters. If the supplier is new and has not been setup, click the  to go directly to the Supplier screen and setup the Supplier.  (required)

3.  Add all of your payment header details(elsewhere explained) and allocate the payment for select supplier invoices, billable job costs, non billable job costs, and/or a cash in advance payment.

3.  Click the Currency link in the top, right-hand corner of the screen to open the Payment Currency screen.

4.  The screen will display the Payment Currency.  Use the  to search for the currency you want to use for the payment and select.  The exchange rate will display based on the exchange rates used in your currency setup file.  You can change this exchange rate or accept the rate that has already been setup.

5.  Click  to save your changes and return to the Payment screen.