Pay to Bank Account

Pay to Bank will allow you to store a supplier's electronic payment information so you can create create an internet banking export to make electronic payments.

To Add Pay to Bank Account information:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Payables" then "Payments"  and "New Payment" to go to the "Payment" screen.

2.  Use the  to search for the suppler you want to use and select.  You can also input the first letter or letters of the supplier name in the Supplier Code box to see vendors that begin with those letters. If the supplier is new and has not been setup, click the  to go directly to the Supplier screen and setup the Supplier.  (required)

3.  Click the Pay to Bank Account link in the top, right-hand corner of the screen to open the Payment - Pay to Bank Account screen.

4.  The Master Supplier number will automatically fill-in from the supplier search screen.

5.  Enter the Bank No., Bank Account Name, and Bank Account No. and click  to save your entry and return to the Payment screen.


The Pay to Bank Account details found in the Payment module will be identical to the Supplier Bank Account Details found in the Master File Supplier Setup.  A change made in either one of these screens will change the details in the other.