View Payments

The View Payments is a quick way to get payment information for a supplier invoice.

1. From the "Accounting" menu, select "Payables" then "Supplier Invoices" then "Search Supplier Invoices" to open the Supplier Invoice Browse screen and display a list of supplier invoices.

2.  Use the search criteria to filter the list and find the supplier invoice you wish to view payments for.

3.  Click on the blue Supplier Invoice No in the far left column to select the invoice and display it in the Supplier Invoice Form screen.

4.  Click on the View Payments link in the top right hand corner of your screen.

5.  All payments for the invoice will appear in the Payment screen.  Additional information is available by clicking the Payment No. If there have been no payments made, information will not display.

6.  To return to the Supplier Invoice Form screen, click .