Deposit Summary

The Deposit Summary will allow you to create, print, or save a report showing all of the client payments received for a certain date.  This can be used to substantiate bank deposits and keep additional details on file.

To Prepare a Deposit Summary:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Receivables" then "Receipts"  and "Search Receipts" to go to the "Receipts Browse" screen.

2.  Change the selection criteria to filter the receipt list and find the desired receipt(s).

3.  Click the box to the left of each invoice you want to include on the Deposit Summary.

4.  Click the Deposit Summary link to open the "Set Deposit Date" screen.

5.  Use the drop down calendar menu to enter the date of the deposit.

6.  Click to print the Deposit Summary to your screen  You can use the on screen commands to save, print, or zoom the report.