New Sundry Invoice

To Create a New Sundry Invoice:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Receivables" then "Sundry Invoices"  and "New Sundry Invoice" to go to the "Sundry Invoice Form" screen.

2. Use the to select the client.

3.  Select the office from the drop down.

4.  The Invoice Date will default to today's date.  If needed, using the drop down calendar menu, select a different date.  AccountAbility will change the Accounting Month and Accounting Year to match any different date entered.

5.  If needed, use the to select a new currency to be used.

6.  If needed, using the drop down menu, select a different accounting year for the Invoice to be recorded in.

7.  If needed, using the drop down menu, select a different accounting month for the Invoice to be recorded in.

8.  Enter the Client Order#, if needed, to print on the invoice.

9.  Enter a default tax code.

10.  Enter the desired Payment Terms.  The payment terms will calculate the Payment Date.  If needed, adjust the payment date using the drop down calendar menu.

11.  Click to continue to the "Sundry Invoice Add Entries" screen.

12.  The screen will you to distribute your invoice amounts to different GL accounts.  Use the to select the first GL account you wish to allocate your invoice to. Adjust your description, invoice amount, and units & rate (if desired.) If you wish to identify source (employee, supplier, or charge type), use the to select the appropriate code.  Edit your line sort order if you wish to renumber line details for invoice printing.

13.  You can click to have AccountAbility recalculate and verify any amounts that you have changed or to add an additional GL line to be billed.

14.  When all lines have been added and your total billing verified, click to return to the "Sundry Invoice Form" screen.

15.  When your invoice details are correct, click to post your invoice and record.

Once added a sundry invoice has been added, the links in the right hand corner can also be used:

WHT: Add an amount to be withheld for tax withholding.

View Receipts: View client cash receipts for the invoice.

Notes: Make any notes and save with the invoice.

Contact: View, Change or assign a Client Contact for the invoice

Currency: Change the currency and exchange rate for the invoice

Email: Email the invoice to the client contact from your computer's email program

Export: Export your invoice into one of several formats

Preview: Preview your invoice onscreen