Invoice Multiple Estimates

Accountability allows you to select and invoice multiple estimates easily with one request.  

To Create Invoices from Multiple Estimate:

1.  From the "Accounting" menu, select "Receivables" then "Production Invoices"  and "Invoice Multiple Estimates" to go to the "Select Estimates to create Production Invoices" screen.

2.  All jobs and estimates with approved invoices and available for billing will display.  You can input additional information (client, product, office, job type, etc.)  If you would like to also display jobs that have previously been invoices, ensure that  

3.  The Invoice Date will default to today's date.  If needed, using the drop down calendar menu, select a different date.  

4.  If you would like to select scheduled invoices ensure that you check the box shown below and enter the corresponding dates:

Otherwise, leave this box blank to select estimates that do not have scheduled invoices.

5.  Place a check box to the left of each estimate you wish to select for billing.  100% will be used as the estimate billing percentage for each estimate selected, adjust as necessary and click  or  to create your invoices.  You will be taken to the Production invoice browse screen where you can search for and review any newly created invoices.

13.  To convert a draft invoice to a final invoice, search for and select your draft invoice in the Production Invoice Browse screen and click  and your final invoice will be created.  To post and record the invoice, search and select your final, unapproved invoice in the Production Invoice Browse screen and click .


AccountAbility recommends that you first create a draft invoice for review and approval before creating a final invoice.

Draft invoices will be numbered using the Job Number + "DR" and final invoices will be issued the next sequential number available.

Final invoices are not posted to Accounts Receivable until they are approved.