Aged Accrued Revenue

The Aged Accrued Revenue Report will allow you to display all Accrued Revenue entries made over a specific date range, for a specific office, for selected clients & products, for specific jobs, etc.

To Request an Aged Deferred Revenue Report:

1.   From the "Accounting" menu, select "General Ledger" then "Accrued Revenue"  and "Search Accrued Revenue" to go to the "Accrued Revenue Browse" screen.

2.  Click the Aged Accrued Revenue Report link to go to the Aged Accrued Revenue Selection screen.

3.  Select the Accounting Month & Year dates using the drop down menus.

4.  Select to display information by Job Transactions, Job Totals, or Client Totals.

5.  To Suppress Client grouping, ensure the box is unchecked next to 

6.  Select a specific office or offices for your report.

7.  If you would like the report for only one job number, use the  to select the desired job number.

8.  When you have filtered your report selections, click  to display the filtered the Aged Accrued Revenue Report. You can use the on screen commands to save, print, or zoom the report. Or click  to display your report . Once your report is displayed, you are able to export it into multiple formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, RTF, CSV, and XML) by clicking the export icon in the top left hand corner  of the report display screen and selecting the desired format and page range.