New General Ledger Account

General ledger accounts can be added as needed.  In addition, basic account details, or bank account details if applicable, can be revised easily as well

To Add a New General Ledger Account:

1.  Select the "Accounting" menu, then "General Ledger Accounts" and "New General Ledger Accounts" to access the General Ledger Accounts screen.

2.  Enter the new General Account No. and Account Name.

3. Select the GL Account Type using the to access the Account Type list. These are required fields for all GL Accounts.

4.  Enter the GL Report Group using the to access a list.  This is an optional entry, but will group accounts together on your Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement.

5.  If the account is a Billings or Income account, enter the Budget Category using the to access a list.  This will group accounts together on Client Billing & Revenue reports and is used to allow Client Billings & Revenue budgeting to be created at a category level rather than at individual General Ledger Account level.

6. If this is a Bank account, check the box next to .  This makes the account available of the bank reconciliation function and allows the account to be used as the bank account assigned to receipts and payments.

7.  Click to save your entry or to save return to the General Ledger Accounts Browse screen.