New Journal

To create a New Journal:


1.  Select the "Accounting" menu, then "General Ledger" "Journals" and "New Journal" to access the Journal entry screen.

2.  Create the Journal Header by entering a Description for the journal in the Description Field.

3.  AccountAbility will automatically assign the next sequential Journal Number to the Journal when it is saved and/or approved.  

3.  Select (or verify) the correct Accounting Year using the drop down menu bar.

4.  Select (or verify) the Accounting Month using the drop down menu bar.

5.  Select (or verify) the correct Office from the drop down menu bar.

6.  Select the Journal Date using the online calendar.

7. All other data on the journal header is optional or will be completed by AccountAbility.

8.  Enter the Journal line detail by using the to search for and select the first General Ledger account for your entry.

9.  Enter the debit or credit amount for your Journal Line.

10.  Enter a description for the line, if desired.

11.  Continue entering Journal line details until all lines have been entered.

Click if you need additional lines for the entry.  As you enter each line, the General Ledger account name will display in the GL account column to confirm the account that you have selected.  A running total of all debits and credits will appear at the bottom of each column.  Your debits and credits must equal to save or approve your entry.

12.  To immediately post the Journal to the General Ledger, click , to save your work for later review or approval, click to save and remain on the Journal screen or to save and return to the Journal Browse screen.

A sample of the New Journal Entry screen appears below: